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I really enjoyed working with the team at TOTEM to create the style of modern headshots photography they wanted for their website.

TOTEM is an award-winning creative agency so they understand the importance of image and strong visual which reflect a brand.

TOTEM asked for a combination of environmental portraits and also corporate headshots so we captured both at their office in Dungarvan, County Waterford. I also captured a team photograph to capture the creativity of the group and also the colourful vision they have as a company. 

Below you can samples of the environmental portraits and the team photography. 

Are you looking for an experienced Environmental Portraits or Corporate Headshots Photographer?

I have vast experience of taking studio style shots with professional lighting and backgrounds and I take well-lit flattering executive portraits that capture the personality of the client. You can be sure your image will be in safe hands!

I am a professional corporate photographer for over 14 years and an award-winning Licentiate of the Irish Professional Photographers and Videographers Association (I.P.P.V.A). 
I was delighted to be named as a finalist in the Commercial category of the I.P.P.V.A Photographer of the Year Awards 2018. 

You can view more samples of recent team headshots photography by clicking on Corporate Headshot Photography also on the Commercial Photography Blog

If you need company headshots for your business then contact me today for a quote just click on Headshots Photographer then fill in the number of headshots you require etc. I will then email you a tailored quote for your business. 
If you would prefer give me a call on 0879887557 to check pricing and availability.

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